ITA Sessions and Workshops

ITA has organized and collaborated with leading tunneling industry professionals to host educational workshops exclusively held at WTC 2016.

The ITA-AITES is pleased to send a broad invitation to tunneling and underground construction industry professionals to join these Open Sessions and Workshops to participate in the discussion on global challenges and opportunities for the use of the underground space in the mining sector. These events will provide an opportunity to improve the understanding of tunnel and underground space development through the sharing of common knowledge and fostering further development industry development.

*Registration for ITA Sessions and Workshops is included in full conference registration.


ITA Building Information Modelling in Tunnels Workshop

14:00 - 17:30 | West Mezzanine

Chair: Dr. Jurij Karlovšek

The ITA recognises the importance of BIM and the rapidly changing manner in which the creation and management of a real time, consolidated 3D/4D or 5D information model can allow best-possible project decision making before costs are incurred. These models are now much more than 3D animation, but intelligent constructs with embedded information that can be shared between stakeholders throughout an organisation, with the possibility to provide significant benefit in each phase of a tunnel project lifecycle.

The workshop will focus on current trends in the application of BIM technology to tunnelling, to allow teams to reduce direct costs, improve efficiency and reduce risk. Presentations being delivered by design, construction and project professionals and are not aligned with particular software.

Workshop Schedule
14:00 Welcome
14:15 Introduction: What BIM is all about?
14:30 Part 1: Pre -contracts, Cost Estimation and Delivery Management with BIM includingcontracts, Cost Estimation and Delivery Management with BIM including NATM Excavation & Support, Resource and Programme Management
Speaker: Scott Keniston
15:15 Part 2: Lining and Equipment models for Design, Construction Asset Management Secondary/Inner
Speakers: Dr. Marko Žibert and Martin Lah
16:00 Break
16:15 Project Case Study 1: Contractor Experience – application of 5D BIM for a major underground project tender
Speaker: Neil Tyson
16:45 Project Case Study 2: Support to Contractor – BIM information content management for major underground project
Speaker: Dr. Gabriele Eccher
17:15 Feedback Session: Set up of the Working Group 22, Tasks and Aims
Speaker: Dr. Jurij Karlovšek
17:30 Close

ITA BIM in Tunnels Workshop Presentation

The ITA BIM in Tunnels Workshop Presentation is available for download as a printable PDF. The presentation includes detailed information and key elements for each Part and Project of the session.

Download the ITA BIM in Tunnels Workshop Presentation

ITACUS 'Think Deep' Open Session: Towards a new urban underground space agenda

14:30 - 17:30 | Room 120

The ‘Think Deep’ Open Session 2016 organised by ITACUS will show you where we stand in our quest towards an urban underground future. By looking at the past, present and future but also by challenging common perceptions we will ask ourselves what the new urban paradigm could be. This year in October, 30,000 people will gather in Quito, Peru, for the Habitat III conference that hopes to agree to a new urban agenda. Last year in Paris, the world agreed on measures to take to face the challenge of climate change during COP21. If one thing has become clear it is that cities are key to change and that change requires the public sector, the private sector and non-governmental organisations to work together. The new urban paradigm is not only needed, an urban underground future needs to be part of it. The ‘Think Deep’ Open Session will entertain you, provide you with provoking thoughts, challenge what you have always thought and engage you to become part of a movement that aims at creating an urban underground future for our cities. 25 Years after the Tokyo Declaration on Underground Space, time has come to renew our pledge and to affirm our commitment. A commitment to contribute to the new urban agenda, and to the future of cities that will be resilient, sustainable, inclusive and liveable; cities that we all need.

'Think Deep' Open Session Schedule
14:00 - 14:10 Opening and introduction - The ITACUS Chair and Vice Chair, Han Admiraal and Antonia Cornaro, will host this Open Session and introduce the topics of this afternoon. The ITACUS Road Map aims to advance the quest for an urban underground future. In this session we are taking a look at where we are standing and heading and how this all fits into the larger global agenda such as the ‘New Urban Agenda’ that will be agreed at Habitat III later this year.
14:10 - 14:35 Session I – A new agenda; past, present, future: Tokyo Declaration – 25 years of Underground Space Exploration
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Raymond Sterling, Emeritus Professor Louisiana Tech University and member of the ITACUS Steering Board.
14:35 - 14:55 Session I – A new agenda; past, present, future: Development of Underground Facilities for Transport and Hazard Prevention Systems in Japan
Speaker: Dr Nobuharu Isago - Director, Tunnel research team, Road technology research group, Public Works Research Institute, Japan
14:55 - 15:15 Session I – A new agenda; past, present, future: Heading towards the ‘City we need’
Speaker: Sanja Zlatanic, Secretary-General of ACUUS on the latest developments on the road to Habitat III and ACUUSITACUS cooperation.
15:15 - 15:30 Q&A
Audience participation
15:30 - 16:00 Break
16:00 - 16:20 Session II – A new agenda; challenging common perceptions: CargoCheck – moving towards urban underground freight.
Speaker: Yvette Körber, ITACUS Steering Board Member and leader ITACUS Activity Group 1.
16:20 - 16:40 Session II – A new agenda; challenging common perceptions: Mixed-use Mass Rapid Transport Systems –integrating new functions into a metro system to transport passengers but also freight, energy, heat, water, waste, and information.
Speaker: Nicolas Ziv, PhD candidate, Direction des Etudes Amont et de l’Innovation, EGIS RAIL.
16:40 - 17:00 Session II – A new agenda; challenging common perceptions: Young Professional Think Deep Programme – what is it and how can you be involved?
Speaker: Petr Salak, ITACUS Steering Board Member and leader ITACUS Activity Group 2.
17:00 - 17:15 Q&A
Audience participation
17:15 - 17:30 Wrap up of session
Han Admiraal and Antonia Cornaro sum up this session and together with the audience select the Top 5 takeaways from this session.

ITACUS 'Think Deep' Open Session Schedule

The ITACUS 'Think Deep' Open Session Schedule is available for download as a printable PDF. The schedule includes detailed information about Sessions 1 & 2.

Download the ITACUS 'Think Deep' Open Session Schedule


ITACUS Open Session 1: Industry Advances

8:30 - 9:45 | Hall E 2134/135

Co-chairs: Tarcisio Celestino and Daniele Peila

This year’s ITA Open Session will focus on advances that the industry is achieving across a broad cross-section of topics that affect our business. Topical areas will include conventional and mechanized tunneling, controlled blasting, fiber-reinforced precast concrete segments, the measurement and interpretation of in-situ stresses for application to high stress environments and pressurized conveyances, the challenges that we face in developing underground space in urban settings, and the management of construction risk through improved contracting practices.

Working Groups that will participate in these presentations and discussions will include:

  • WG2 - Twenty years of FRC tunnel segments practice: lessons learnt and proposed design principles
  • WG11 - Owners Guide to Immersed Tunnels
  • WG14/19 - Recommendations on the development of underground projects with respect to the tunnelling methods
  • ITAtech - Guidance for Precast Fibre Reinforced Concrete Segments – Volume 1: Design Aspects
  • ITAtech - Vibration Control in Urban Drill & Blast Tunnelling

ITACUS Open Session 2: Current and Future Topics

9:45 - 12:30 | Hall E 2134/135

Co-chair: Priscilla Nelson and Randall Essex

This session will address research efforts in progress, where members drawn from active Working Groups and other industry representatives will engage in discussions consisting of panel presentations and audience commentary and feedback. Audience members will have the opportunity to comment on what has been presented, whether they agree or disagree with specific ideas and approaches, what they can offer from their own experiences, and what they believe should be the focus of future research efforts carried out by the Working Groups.

Working Groups that will participate in these presentations and discussions will include:

  • WG2 – Research
  • WG3 – Contractual Practices
  • WG14 – Mechanized Excavation
  • WG19 – Conventional Excavation
  • WG20 – Urban Problems and Underground Solutions

ITATech Session: The Impact of Digitalization and Connectivity on the Tunnelling Industry

8:30 - 12:00 | Room 120

The Industrial Internet of Things or the 4th industrial revolution, is making strong inroads into the underground space industry, thanks to improved connectivity and reduced cost of digital technology.

In connection with the WTC2016 in San Francisco the ITA Committee on Technologies, ITAtech, will organize a special session to explore the consequences for and impact on the Tunnelling industry from the accelerating digitalization evolution.

In this session a guest speaker from SIGMA, will present a solid view on the topic, discuss ongoing developments, and point out future directions.

After the guest speaker part, selected ITatech Prime Sponsors will give concrete examples of applications in which they have implemented latest technologies related to this topic i.e. Big data management, Monitoring, Measuring, Control, Automation, Machine diagnostics, Maintenance, Safety, Risk reduction and Process optimization.