ITA Workshop - Dr. Jurij Karlovšek

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Dr. Jurij Karlovšek

About the Speaker

My professional career to date spans three continents, with experience in both industry and academia including design and consulting, research and lecturing of university course content. My broad area of expertise is in Geotechnical Engineering: Conventional and Mechanised tunnelling, Construction Information Technology, Non-Destructive Testing, and Fire & Life safety in tunnels. As a representative of the University of Queensland, I work hard to engage with the community by creating and implementing associations that seek to inform, educate and empower young professional tunnelling engineers. There are two notable areas in which I have been able to achieve success through my engagement with the community: through my work at the Australasian Tunnelling Society (ATS) for both the State and National executive committees and through my creation and leadership of the International Tunnelling Association(ITA) Young Members Group (ITAYM). In both areas, I have an initiative and the desire to implement programs that seek to benefit my professional community at a local, national and international level. In addition to the above, I actively engage in mentorship of undergraduate students, in supporting their industry engagement activities, and in generally helping to make their experience as students a more enriched and profitable one.


About the ITA Session

ITA Building Information Modelling in Tunnels Workshop

The ITA recognises the importance of BIM and the rapidly changing manner in which the creation and management of a real time, consolidated 3D/4D or 5D information model can allow best-possible project decision making before costs are incurred. These models are now much more than 3D animation, but intelligent constructs with embedded information that can be shared between stakeholders throughout an organisation, with the possibility to provide significant benefit in each phase of a tunnel project lifecycle.

The workshop will focus on current trends in the application of BIM technology to tunnelling, to allow teams to reduce direct costs, improve efficiency and reduce risk. Presentations being delivered by design, construction and project professionals and are not aligned with particular software.

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