Benefits of Exhibiting at WTC 2016

WTC 2016 is a unique opportunity for companies in the tunneling industry to increase their profitability and develop new networks. Supported by the Underground Construction Association (UCA of SME), WTC 2016 allows the tunneling industry a chance to share experiences and identify mutual opportunities for growth around the world. Here are some of the reasons why your company needs to exhibit at WTC 2016:

  1. Exposure

    Get exposure to 2,500+ attendees

  2. Profitable Interaction

    Meet face-to-face and shake hands with your customers, decision makers, prospects, and competitors

  3. Connect

    Cultivate new relationships and partnerships

  4. Industry Insight

    Gain knowledge about the latest in industry trends

  5. Lead Generation

    Generate high quality leads from a targeted audience

  6. Introduce New Products

    Showcase products and services to potential buyers using hands-on demonstrations

  7. Support the International Industry

    Demonstrate support of industry collaboration

  8. Brand Recognition

    Increase exposure and brand awareness

  9. Customer Insights

    Gain valuable input and feedback from customers

  10. Amazing Opportunity

    Save valuable time, money, and achieve numerous sales and marketing objectives in an ethical, effective, and efficient forum