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Sponsorships are an effective way to create a connection or affiliation with the World Tunnel Congress. Viewers and readers will see your logo when they are searching for relevant topics related to the event. When people think of your company, they think of tunneling.

Sponsorship Opportunities

WTC 2016 has a variety of sponsorship opportunities available for your organization. Each level of sponsorship offers varying levels of conference promotions. The three levels of sponsorship opportunities are:

Gold Sponsors - $35,000 USD Each
(4 Opportunities Available)
Silver Sponsors - $20,000 USD Each
(6 Opportunities Available)
Bronze Sponsors - Varying Prices
(Multiple Opportunities Available)

For more information about available WTC 2016 Sponsorship Opportunities, please visit Sponsorship Opportunities.

Advertising Opportunities

The twelve months leading up to the World Tunnel Congress will be marketed to thousands of people who attend, exhibit, and sponsor at the event. There are many opportunities to advertise in various WTC media.

Advertising opportunities exist throughout the year and will have a large impact in the “Buyers Guide” at the show itself. This guide will help attendees find important information at the expo. As with exhibits and sponsorships, advertising has great associative value when you participate.

Learn about advertising opportunities by contacting Ken Goering at +1.303.948.4243, at +1.800.763.3132 (US Only) or at .

Interested in becoming a Sponsor?

Organizations interested in taking advantage of the WTC 2016 sponsorship opportunities are encourgaged to contact WTC 2016 Sponsorships as soon as possible. Sponsorships are limited and subject to availability.

For more information and to secure your WTC 2016 Sponsorship

Please contact
WTC 2016
12999 E. Adam Aircraft Circle
Englewood, CO 80112
Sponsorship Coordinator: Tim Reagan
T: +1.303.948.4266