Technical Sessions that Enlighten

WTC 2016 is proud to present technical sessions hosted by some of the leading innovators and technology from around the world. To learn more about available sessions, please view the complete list below.

The 2016 WTC program/scientific committee is developing a program that will feature more than 500 oral and poster presentations from experts all over the world. The primary focus of the technical program is to add value to the industry through examination of the most innovative practices and products currently in use. The program committee is dedicated to shining a light on new, novel and unique innovations and projects. The emphasis is on real-life application of techniques as applied to real problems.

Technical Sessions At-a-Glance

Monday 25 April | 14:00 - 17:10
Room 130 Safety in Design and Construction Brian Fulcher
Roland Leucker/ITA COSUF Chair / Germany
Room 131 SEM and Caverns Vojtech Gall
Michael Cash
Room 132 Underground Support - Controlling the Ground Gregg Davidson
Martin Knights / ITA Past President /UK
Room 133 Tunneling Advances through
Innovation I
Jack Brockway
Lars Babendererde / ITA WG14 Animateur / Germany
Room 122/121 Case Histories and Difficult Ground Red Robinson
Ross Dimmock/ ITAtech Lining & waterproofing leader / UK
Tuesday 26 April | 14:00 - 17:10
Room 130 Instrumentation and Monitoring Allen Marr
Olivier Schneider/ ITATech Sub AG remote Measurement leader /Switzerland
Room 131 Complex Projects in Rock and Related Technology I Matt Swinton
Dr Singh/ President TAI/India
Room 132 Tunnel Interactions with Ground and Structures Matt Fowler
Eivind Grov/ITA WG 12 Animateur/Norway
Room 133 Soft Ground - TBMs
& Microtunneling
Les Bradshaw
Alan Howard
Room 121/122 Tunneling Advances through Innovation II Matt Preedy
Gerard Seingre/ITA WG17 Animateur/Switzerland
Wednesday 27 April | 8:30 - 12:00
Room 130 Planning, Finance,
and Site Investigations
Erika Moonin
Harvey Parker / ITA Past President / USA
Room 131 Risk Management and Contracting Practices John Reilly
Arnold Dix/ITA WG3 Animateur /Australia
Room 132 Ground Improvement and Shafts Paul Schmall
Chungsik Yoo/ITA WG2 Animateur/ South Korea
Room 133 Soft Ground TBMs - Prediction, Operation, and Analysis Dennis Ofiara
Damian Mc Girr/ITA WG 20 Vice Animateur/UK
Room 121/122 TBM Tunnels and
Alternative Approaches
David Caiden
Elena Chiriotti/ITA WG2 Vice Animateur/France
Wednesday 27 April | 14:00 - 16:40
Room 130 Rehabilitation and Operations & Maintenance Mike Rispin
Werner Burger / ITAtech Sub AG Rebuilt Equipment leader / Germany
Room 131 Future Projects Brett Campbell
Antonia Cornaro / ITACUS Vice Chair /Switzerland
Room 132 Environmental and Urban Planning Ray Sterling
Laetitia d'Aloia /ITA WG 21 Vice Animateur / France
Room 133 Soft Ground TBMs - Urban Challenges Kellie Rotunno
Colin Lawrence
Room 121/122 Complex Projects in Rock and Related Technology II Brett Zernich
Magali Schivre/ITA WG17 Vice Animateur/France

Technical Sessions At-a-Glance

Technical sessions at-a-glance schedule is available for download as a printable PDF. The at-a-glance document features session information by track and day.

Download the Technical Sessions At-a-Glance