ITA Training Course - Antonia Cornaro

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Antonia Cornaro

About the Speaker

Antonia Cornaro, MA Urban Planning, studied and lived in New York City for several years, where she gained experience working for the City of New York's Planning Department on innovative measures to increase pedestrian and cycling usage and facilities (1995-1997). She then moved to London to work at multinational, interdisciplinary engineering firm Parsons Brinckerhoff on intermodal transportation schemes (1997-2001). This was followed by a stint in Vienna at the Austrian Institute of Regional Planning working on EU wide regional planning projects (2001- 2006). She now lives in Zurich where she first joined Ernst Basler + Partner, an interdisciplinary engineering consultancy as an urban planner (2006-2010). In her current work at Amberg Engineering, an international firm specializing in underground infrastructure she specializes in Urban Underground Space with the aim to increase livability and resilience of urban areas. This is also central to her work as Secretary General of ITACUS1. Further, Antonia has been an ISOCARP Member since 2001 and has been active in the Swiss National Delegation over the past few years. Her involvement with ITACUS has led to new joint activities between the two organisations.


About the ITA Training Course

Underground Space Use

Introduction for engineers, architects, planners and public administrators to the use of underground space to increase liveability and sustainability in urban areas and in other key public resource regions. The seminar will identify key issues that need to be considered when using underground space and will show how these key issues are dealt with on a worldwide basis. This course outline has been developed by the ITA Committee on Underground Space (ITACUS) in conjunction with the ITA Committee on Education and Training (ITACET).

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About the ITACUS 'Think Deep' Open Session

Towards a new urban underground space agenda

The ‘Think Deep’ Open Session 2016 organised by ITACUS will show you where we stand in our quest towards an urban underground future. By looking at the past, present and future but also by challenging common perceptions we will ask ourselves what the new urban paradigm could be. This year in October, 30,000 people will gather in Quito, Peru, for the Habitat III conference that hopes to agree to a new urban agenda. Last year in Paris, the world agreed on measures to take to face the challenge of climate change during COP21. If one thing has become clear it is that cities are key to change and that change requires the public sector, the private sector and non-governmental organisations to work together. The new urban paradigm is not only needed, an urban underground future needs to be part of it. The ‘Think Deep’ Open Session will entertain you, provide you with provoking thoughts, challenge what you have always thought and engage you to become part of a movement that aims at creating an urban underground future for our cities. 25 Years after the Tokyo Declaration on Underground Space, time has come to renew our pledge and to affirm our commitment. A commitment to contribute to the new urban agenda, and to the future of cities that will be resilient, sustainable, inclusive and liveable; cities that we all need.

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