Meet the ITA Session Speaker

Marko Žibert

About the Speaker

Practicing tunneling engineer, researcher and geotechnical engineering professional with more than 15 years of experience on large infrastructure projects at home and abroad. Actively involved in developing innovative use of 3D geological, geotechnical and BIM modelling tools as well as development of risk assessment methods for various infrastructure applications.

Currently he is heading a group of young tunneling, geotechnical and geological experts actively involved on numerous projects around most European countries, Turkey and Middle East. He is keen to work with professionals from different engineering fields transferring the knowledge to tunneling industry.

He is a partner at Elea iC, part of iC group of companies, a multiengineering global firm supporting public & private clients as well as contractors on projects on all continents.


About the ITA Session

ITA Building Information Modelling in Tunnels Workshop

The ITA recognises the importance of BIM and the rapidly changing manner in which the creation and management of a real time, consolidated 3D/4D or 5D information model can allow best-possible project decision making before costs are incurred. These models are now much more than 3D animation, but intelligent constructs with embedded information that can be shared between stakeholders throughout an organisation, with the possibility to provide significant benefit in each phase of a tunnel project lifecycle.

The workshop will focus on current trends in the application of BIM technology to tunnelling, to allow teams to reduce direct costs, improve efficiency and reduce risk. Presentations being delivered by design, construction and project professionals and are not aligned with particular software.

No registration required to attend.

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