Meet the ITA Training Course Speaker

Felix Amberg

About the Speaker

Mr. Amberg holds a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland. He is the President of the Amberg Group (Amberg Engineering Ltd, Amberg Technologies Ltd & Hagerbach Test Gallery Ltd).

He holds several other positions such as the treasurer & member of the ITA ExCo, Tutor of the ITA-COSUF Committee, ITA Tutor WG 12, Secretary, Treasurer & member of the ITACET Foundation Council, Former Swiss Tunnelling Society President, and President of the CUC Foundation & L-SurFFoundation.

His special knowledge focuses on Road & Railway tunnel construction, Special Construction, Material Technology, Measuring Equipment for State Assessment of Tunnels, Project Management & Safe & Security.


About the ITA Training Course

Monitoring and Control in Tunneling

This training provides the purpose, methods, and examples of “monitoring” the effects of tunnelling, including the monitoring of tunnel machine performance, to control tunnelling to achieve acceptable excavation performance with stable underground structures, and prevent damage to existing structures and utilities. Due to the great variability in ground conditions, monitoring has an essential role in tunnelling regardless of method of excavation.

It is the only effective means to allow the tunnel design and construction procedures to be adjusted and validated as tunnelling takes place. Topics include instrumentation (equipment and typical applications), interpretation of monitoring data, role of monitoring in risk management, contractual aspects, and case histories. The course is of interest for owners, designers and construction engineers, supervisors, and managers.

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